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I still remember the day that my father gave me the first camera of my life. His gift was related to my occupation and interest for his cameras, as well as his own love for photography.

I was somewhere in teenage years and a new magical world unfolded in front of me. Since then, this Canon A1 was accompanying me for many years and has been the extension of my eye to the world and my permanent company.

The ability to see with a fresh look a scenery seen a million times, like never seen before, is part of what photography is really all about.

My love for photography is the extension of my love for music.

My love for music is the extension of my love for photography.

What this love existentially translates into, is that it is a blessing to be able to add color and music in our lives.

To be able to add music and color in our time!

How could one talk about music without including colors and images? Music is color and image translated into notes ...

How could there be colors and images without them having music? Photography is the melody and composition translated into images ...

A photo is much more than just a picture.

It contains sounds, scents, the colors that enter your eyes right through your soul, the breeze that touches you, the emotions that have now become permanently connected with a particular place and time, the image of the outside world that finds its place in your heart, the moment that would otherwise have become a memory, but you will not let it be forgotten ....