Curriculum Vitae

Menelaos Kanakis
Born and raised in Athens, my affinity for the magic and the endlessness of the human soul led me to pursue my degree in Social Work at the Technological Institute of Athens as well as my BA in Psychology at the Panteion University.
Meeting Dimitris Karagiannis, psychotherapist and a life mentor, was a milestone that filled my life with music. Today we work together at the Therapeutic and Training Institute ‘Antistixi’.
I have also gained significant life experience through my work at the Hellenic Red Cross Social Welfare Division, part of the International Federation of the Red Cross, where I am occupied as Psychosocial Support Programs Coordinator.

Professional Experience :
1998-today : Psychologist (from 2000 to today) - Social worker in the Multifunctional Centre of Social Support and Integration of Refugees, a program of the Social Welfare Division of the H.R.C, co-funded until 2014 by the European Refugee Fund and the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare. Also co-funded by the Austrian Red Cross from 2015 - April 2016

• HRC PSS Coordinator ( May 2016 to today ).
• Head of the Multifunctional Centre of Social Support and Integration of Refugees (January 2105 to today). Monitoring and coordination of the implementation of the physical progress of the program in cooperation with the Head of the Social Welfare Division.
• Provision of PSS support to refugees / migrants in the frame of DREF and Emergency Appeal Operations in Attica Region (Eleonas Accommodation Center, TAE KWO DO Olympic facilities, Pireaus Port ) from August 2015 to today.
• Coordination of HRC Social Welfare Division volunteers group on the organisation and implementation of children friendly spaces activities in Eleonas Accommodation Center in Athens in weekly basis ( January 2015 to today ).
• Serving individuals’ and families’ requests that are applied in the program and methodical cooperation with some cases when it is required.
• Cooperation with other organizations with the view to increase the publicity of the program, to exchange information and choose best practice in order to maximize the benefits for refugees.
• Coordination of the labour office operation. Interconnection of unemployment refugees with a network of potential employers. Counselling and directives to unemployment refugees towards their promotion to the labour market. Data input in the online database of the program and data processing for statistical purposes.
• Coordination of the operation of the cultural “café” and organization as well as implementation of intercultural programs and activities.
• Coordination of the operation of the Centre of Creative and Intercultural activities for children of pre-school age. PSS provision to parents via counselling, information and directives in regard to the emotional growth and behaviours concerning childhood.
• Coordination of the operation of music workshop. Organisation and implementation of musical events as well as production of CD including songs performed by refugee’s music groups towards the sensitization of the community in the frame of intercultural activities.
• Training of students of social work in the framework of their trainee ship.
• Participation in the training of volunteers of the Social Welfare Division of the H.R.C.
• Participation in the design and implementation of programs which aim to alleviate vulnerable people in the framework of the H.R.C.
• Coordination and organization of vocational training program concerning the use of PC for unemployed refugees, in cooperation with the Manpower Employment Organization.
• Participation in the Platform for European Red Cross Cooperation on Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants (PERCO) as representative of H.R.C. Social Welfare Division from 2009 to 2017.
• Participation in the transnational Network for Social Inclusion and Vocational integration of Asylum seekers and Victims of human trafficking (SAVIAV) as representative of H.R.C. Social Welfare Division.
• Monthly meetings with the group of volunteers who offer voluntary work in facilities providing PSS services for persons with disabilities, in the frame of monitoring, coordination and collaboration on issues concerning their voluntary occupation.
• Participation to HRC Social Welfare Division PSS Mobile Unit for the provision of PSS to the victims of the forest fires in 2007 at Evia Region.
• Participation in HRC Social Welfare Division PSS Mobile Unit for the evaluation of the post-traumatic stress on children and teenagers living in Iliac Region, due to their traumatic exposure on the forest fires in the summer of 2007. Collaboration with parents as well as teachers in the frame of psychological support, information and directives. Planning of PSS project by H.R.C Social Welfare Division in the frame of the above-mentioned.( November 2007 )

Further Professional experience
• Employment in the field of market research and sales promotion mainly specialized in communication and marketing issues. ( 1989 – 1998 )
• Coordinator in individuals and groups sessions for former drug users held in the National Youth Foundation Training Centre. ( 1996 )
• Provision of PSS to individuals and families on Social Welfare Division emergency department of Hellenic Red Cross (1997 – 1998)
• PSS provision in the accommodation Centre of the H.R.C for Kurdish refugees in Nea Makri region. ( 1997 )
• Organization and implementation of social research concerning the mapping of the 4th District of Athens Municipality in order to investigate and evaluate vulnerable populations needs in connection to the H.R.C Social Welfare Division (1997)
• Member of the Organising Committee of H.R.C Conference: “Racism and Xenophobia. The right in difference“
• H.R.C Social Welfare Division Field Manager of the PSS provision unit to the victims of earthquake in Zefiri, Attica region. ( 1999 )
• Departmental Scientific Manager, representative of Hellenic Red Cross in the frame of the transnational project of the European EQUAL program entitled "Post-Information Centre for Migrants and Repatriated Refugees – HFESTOS’’. Organization and implementation of seminar concerning the evaluation of training action on the intercultural mediation, held in Athens. ( 2001 – 2005 )
• Participation in a transnational cooperation project with the Danish Red Cross, in the frame of good practices exchange program concerning the social integration of refugees.
• Coordination of the H.R.C reception/accommodation Centre operation in Ano Kallithea, Sperchiada region in the frame of urgent accommodation needs during the winter of 2000.
• Coordinator of photography and editing issues for the calendars of Multifunctional Centre of social support and integration of refugees for the years 2001, 2002 and 2004 including pictures taken with pre-school aged children of the Day Care Centre.
• Participation in the organization of the Social Welfare Division Seminar of H.R.C on "Childhood, rights and protection", held in Athens.
• Cooperation with the Diet Centre ‘’NEW DAY’’ as psychologist: diagnostic sessions, psychological support, counselling, psychotherapeutic intervention on issues concerning nutrition disorders ( 2000 – 2004 )
• Cooperation with Psychosomatic and Emotional Research Centre as a psychologist / psychotherapist in the frame of sessions with individuals, couples, families and groups. Participation in trainings / seminars organised by the Centre. ( 2000 – 2005 )
• Member of the Organising Committee of the 5th International Conference of Orthodox Psychotherapists held in Volos - Greece in 2012.
• Collaboration with the Therapeutic and Educational Institute “Antistixi’’ as a Psychotherapist in sessions with individuals, groups, couples and adolescents from 2006 to today.
• Collaboration with the Therapeutic and Educational Institute “Antistixi” as trainer of practitioners of mental health (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc.) on systemic and existential therapeutic approach from 2006 to today.
• Cooperation with private kindergartens as psychologist: Instructor in Parents Schools, groups of parents, parental counselling, couple counselling, assessment of children mental and psychological growth. (2000 to today).
• Cooperation with the Physiotherapy Centre Fitness “Power Gym” (2006 to today), for diagnostic evaluation, psychological / therapeutic intervention for people on nutrition and physiotherapy issues.

1994-today: Participation in conferences, seminars organized by the Hellenic Red Cross or other Organizations and Institutes.

Welcome to my website which presents in parallel my professional activity
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